Definition of Startup (only for the purpose of Government schemes)

Startup means an entity, incorporated or registered in India not prior to five years, with annual turnover not exceeding INR 25 crore in any preceding financial year, working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property; provided that such entity is not formed by splitting up, or reconstruction, of a business already in existence.


We all know that any innovative idea involves great risk and developing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is an uphill task. Given the challenges like literacy, poverty, food and security; the real leadership is tested when it overcomes these challenges and takes their citizens to the next level of development. We at UNITED aspire to define this vision by building the India of tomorrow with collective responsibility, efforts and strategic approach. We have three-fold vision that a successful startup needs: product vision, business vision and team vision.

‘United Startup Cell’ aims to create an ecosystem that brings together its students as young aspiring entrepreneurs by nurturing and empowering their new and growing startups. The cell aims to help these entrepreneurs coordinate and synergize various strands of excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into action; thereby producing more job creators and social reformists.

United Startup Cell ecosystem includes faculty & staff members, students, alumni and business partners that can translate knowledge and technological innovations to the societal development and economical growth of the Nation.


  • To promote and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  • To create awareness about entrepreneurship by periodically organizing Workshops, Lectures and other activities that can facilitate knowledge creation and innovation.
  • To create a Start up Ecosystem through strategic investment, scaling up and providing a resourceful consultancy leveraging the innovation climate in Allahabad.
  • To incubate early stage entrepreneurial ventures based on technology and innovation.
  •  To identify and facilitate generation of innovative technology solutions which have potential for commercial ventures and social impact in the sectors like Clean Environment, Green Energy/Alternative Energy, Health Care, Food & Beverages, and Education etc.