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Vice Chairman

Welcome and stay United!

I am thankful to all my colleagues who are striving hard to establish United Group of Institutions, as one of the leading Engineering Institutions.

United Group is far more than buildings, laboratories, and libraries. UGI is a group of individuals, united by a commitment to teach and guide, a commitment that extends beyond our classrooms. An expression of this commitment may be visualized in the form of sharing of experiences, the joint engagement in new activities, and hands-on participation of young talented souls of UGI. The growth of our community has already begun through the mentoring program, TCS-iON test series, Employability and Skill Development Programs and a new developmental effort evolved in the form of establishment of ‘Innovation Centres’ at UGI.

To teach flying, birds need no resources. They need the sky and they have to set an example. In human education also, setting an example is very essential. Therefore, the time has come for the understanding and application of the concept of holistic and cosmic vision of the future and accordingly we mentor the students to make their careers in the areas of their strength and abilities.

Join us and experience the holistic and cosmic vision of education at United!

Mr. Satpal Gulati

Vice Chairman