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Dear learners,

I am delighted to announce a triple agenda of educational growth for the New Academic session.

Faculty members form the core of any academic institution; so at UGI, our first major concern is that our faculty members should be research focused and properly engaged with mentoring, industry engagement and consulting.

Secondly, we encourage a holistic and symbiotic association between industry and academia in order to create an employable work force. Academic association with various academic partners such as University of Missouri, Columbia, USA and Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand is a vehicle for collaboration and change.

I feel that the third agenda of academic expansion should be the development of faith system: faith in God, in universe, in nature, in society, in teacher and in each other. This mutual faith between the teacher and the taught is the key to the total teaching-learning environment. We believe in creating a special drive towards faith building.

I wish to assure all concerned that no efforts will be spared to bring UGI on the global map among the top technical education institutions.

Dr. J. K. Gulati