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I extend my hearty wishes to all the aspirants of UGI, who are equipped with a commitment.

Friends, my ideas, reflect a spirit of 'Commitment to Community'. United promises a commitment by the passionate teaching community to the entire community certainly to start with United community. United community shares a passion for learning, a commitment to community, and the determination to excel.

Achievements are twinkling, sometimes shining and sometimes stagnating. But from this very moment and with an approach of commitment, I, on behalf of UGI, pledge that now the achievements will not go astray as we have moved from 'generic model' of education to the 'learner-centered model' of education. This model spreads tremendous will power and capability of doing toughest tasks in the professional world; the only requirement is to know the innermost qualities and their proper alignment.

Our dedicated advisory team has invested a lot of time, thought and energy in giving the best input to and getting the best output from each and every individual of United community.

I invite all to join and continue this journey with us - to dream, experience, think and learn.

Mr. G.G. Gulati