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Study MBA at United Institute of Management 

United Group of Institutions being the hub of policy making, industry relations and quality education, has a lot to offer to the MBA aspirants. The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in United attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines.

The MBA programs help our professionals widen their horizons to become more competitive in today's fast-changing world where more advance educational knowledge and expertise really matters. MBA program in United plays a very important role in developing the conceptual and analytical skills in all functional areas of management in this fast changing global scenario. At United, we groom our students’ overall personality and improve their communication skills assisting them to develop the ability to apply multidimensional approach to overcome complex business problems.

United is an undisputed leader and one of the best MBA College in Greater Noida, Allahabad in an education and management industry. When it comes to innovation in education, United is leading the way where the students are encouraged to be creative in their approach to managers. Corporate Relation Centre at UGI works for the MBA qualified candidates by providing them a launching path to a successful and bright career. In this direction, placements are being offered at College-level itself which opens doors to various sectoral opportunities. United has been pioneer in assisting many MBA students occupying top slots in the corporate world.

Faculty Details

Sl. No. Faculty Name DOJ DESIGNATION Highest Qualification Academic Load Detail Total Load Experience
1 Mr. Vivek Srivastava 23/08/2011 Astt. Prof. M.B.A.(NET Qualified) CSE V Engineering Economics B,C,G 15 7
EC V Engineering Economics C
EE V Engineering Economics N2
2 Ms. Swati Srivastava 08/06/2012 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. CSE V Verbal Ability Programme A,B 12 6
EC V Verbal Ability Programme C,D
CSE III Verbal Ability Programme C,G
3 Ms. Arti Pandey 21/08/2012 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. ME V Verbal Ability Programme I,J 12 5
CE V Verbal Ability Programme M1,M2
CSE III Verbal Ability Programme A,B
4 Mr. Mohit Kumar 30/07/2014 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. CSE V Verbal Ability Programme C,G 12 3
EE V Verbal Ability Programme N1,N2
CE III Verbal Ability Programme M1,M2
5 Mr. Dinesh Yadav 20/10/2014 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. EN V Verbal Ability Programme E 6 5
EN III Verbal Ability Programme E
EE III Verbal Ability Programme N1
6 Ms. Pallavi Saxena 20/07/2015 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. APPLIED I Verbal Ability Programme A,B,C,D, 10 3
EC III Verbal Ability Programme C
7 Mr. Rakesh Kr. Pandey 29/07/2015 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. CSE V Engineering Economics A 18 3
EN V Engineering Economics E
EE V Engineering Economics N1
EC V Engineering Economics D
EC VII Quality Management C,D
8 Ms. Mantasha Firoz 08/05/2015 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. APPLIED I Verbal Ability Programme E,F,H,I 10 3
UIP III YEAR Verbal Ability Programme A
9 Ms. Monica Bansal 08/01/2017 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. APPLIED I Verbal Ability Programme J,K,L,M 10 1
UIP IV YEAR Verbal Ability Programme A
10 Ms. Saudamini Singh 08/01/2017 Astt. Prof. M.B.A. UIP I YEAR Verbal Ability Programme A 8 1
UIP II YEAR Verbal Ability Programme A
ME III Verbal Ability Programme I,J
                Total Load 113  


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