Event Schedule

Registration - (09:30AM to 10:30AM)
Inauguration of Conference - (10:30AM to 11:30AM)
Tea Break - (11:30AM to 11:45AM)
Registration - (09:30AM to 10:00AM)
Inauguration - (10:00AM to 10:15AM)
Key Note Lecture-IV
  • 10:15AM to 11:00PM
Tea Break - (11:00AM to 11:15AM)
Key Note Lecture -V
  • 11:15PM to 1:00PM
Lunch Break - (01:00PM to 02:00PM)
Technical Session-III
  • 02:00PM to 04:00PM
Tea Break - (04:00PM to 04:15PM)
Technical Session-IV
  • 04:15PM to 05:00PM
Tea Break - (05:00PM to 05:15PM)
Valedictory Session
  • 05:15PM to 06:30PM