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Group of UIT students won Halla BOL at Enigma.

Bechara Boys of UIT at UCER.

Bechara Bechara BOYS at Enigma.

Samaresh Mahiwal, web developer fadsan technologies.

I am very thankful to Ms Mona Puri Mam & Mr. Manoj Sharma Sir, who provided me chance to get training in CAPARO INDIA Ltd. CAPARO is a manufacturing unit which where the various sheet metal parts of automobile. I learn a lot of things in CAPARO under the guidance of Mr. Nitin Jain (Astt. Manager of press shop), Mr. Rishav Gumber ( Astt. Manager of weld shop), Mr. R.K.Sharma (Astt. Manager of Quality). Environment of CAPARO is very well & there all engineers & workers are initiatives in nature. They help me very well to learn the various manufacturing related things. -Md. Hafeej Ansari

As doing training under INDRAPRASTHA MAHINDRA was the best decision which i have taken in my engineering career till today. As I always trying my level best to get more and more knowledge related with machines and engines. So this place was like a boon for me I have learn and also done so many things there. I have done almost each and everything. - Sumit Srivastav - Vibhanshu Uttam - Uppendra Jaiswal - Nikhal Kumar

Firstly, i would like to express my deep gratitude and in deftness to Mr. Ashish Mund (HRD) to grant me the permission to work as a trainee in this esteemed firm and for providing me all the facilities. I am highly thankful to Mr. Mithlesh Pandey HEAD(production , JBML, Manesar) and Mr. Ramraj sharma JE (weld shop JBML Manesar ) with whose super vision and timely help i am successfully doing my training in JBML I also thank the teachers of the mechanical department of my college for their consistent help in studies. -Vinay Kumar -Mukesh Gautam

College is Fun....


beauty of college through rose buds...amazing!!!

2009 batch (Pharmacy)

United is not just a college it's a complete institution. Saurabh Mishra

united in fog.....

our college back view....


Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG and using resources provided by UGI. I still remember the day when i joined and left.I really love my college.